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Great endorsement TJ, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears is a great team mate. However, as one of your high school football coaches, I have seen your true character face to face and as an observer. As your coach, I became a benefactor of your positive, intellectual and physical application of rising up to find ethical and, when needed, hard nosed solutions after getting knocked down by greater or unexpected opposition. Character is shown by a person's actions to life and negatives when no one is watching. The respect given to your family, your business of caring while bettering others' lives, and now wanting to better our citizen's lives shows those unwatched actions were filled with GOOD, POSITIVE, and TRUSTWORTHY building blocks that Va. Beach, our State, and our National politics should be built on. TJ, you had me at...."Coach, I'm running..." I just wish your constituents could have shared our (coaches) experiences of those years, but the best is yet to come for you TJ. I REALLY HOPE THAT YOUR VOTERS WILL TRUST AND JOIN A "NEVER QUIT BALL CARRIER AND RUNNER" ADVANCE AS A PERSON AND LEADER LOOKING FOR THE BETTER WAY FOR EVERYONE TO FIND MORE ENJOYMENT IN LIVING.... MY BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. — Steve Parker

With pleasure I endorse Dr. TJ Morgan in his quest to represent the District 9 (old Bayside District) on the City Council. TJ has been a dear friend for over 40 years. He is a doctor who cares for others, he is a coach who inspires others, he is a public servant who always puts others first. My father, Bob Tata, former Coach and House of Delegate member and my mother, Jeraldine Tata, former teacher and Va Beach School Board member were friends of TJ and always supported him in his endeavors and believed he would do great things. I have total confidence TJ will serve the people of Virginia Beach with their best interests in mind and the passion he puts into everything he does. The District 9 will be fortunate to have Dr. TJ Morgan’s leadership, I endorse him with pride. — Kendall Tata

I held office under TJ Morgan’s leadership in the Chesapeake Beach Civic League and saw his ability to bring the community together to discuss difficult issues and hear all voices, plan and hold community events, and manage resources. He will make a great Council Member! — Wende Wiles

I know Dr. TJ Morgan to be a dedicated family man, dynamic community leader, a master chiropractor and a disciplined athlete. I am proud to support him in his campaign. He will without a doubt be a blessing to his 9th District constituents and the Virginia Beach community at large. — Kasha Winston
President, Rosebriar, Inc.

"Friends for T.J. Morgan"
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